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OpenSQL Camp is a conference of, by, and for the open-source database community of users and developers. It is a place where people come to learn, to participate and to contribute. In other words, it's a great conference, and if you attend, it will be better.

OpenSQL Camp is open to all – sessions have included PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL (and storage engines and forks thereof), Drizzle (and tools such as Google Proto Buffers), DBIx::Cache, Gearman, cloud computing, Unix tips, query optimization, Apache Derby, BlackRay, Continuent Tungsten, DB Clustering, Firebird, CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Firewater, how to version schemas, Waffle Grid / Storm Cloud, databases on SSDs, and even "soft" topics like the Open Database Alliance.

Open Database Camps in 2013

There will be an Open Database Camp in conjunction with Northeast LinuxFest in Cambridge, MA Sat 16 Mar - Sun 17 March.

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Previous Events

The OpenSQLCamp concept was preceded from the MySQL community by the MySQLCamp. There were three MySQLCamp events.

  • MySQLCamp I at Googleplex, Mountain View - Nov 2006
  • MySQLCamp II at Polytechnic University, New York - August 23-24 2007
  • MySQLCamp III at Santa Clara - April 19-23 2009
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