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In 2010 the NoSQL vs. SQL movement was too much for us not to react. We have created the OpenDatabaseCamp to ensue the continuation of our efforts.


  • Printed label badges cost about $.50 / badge to produce
  • Reusable nametags from cost about $1.50/badge


  • Arrange for a volunteer or two with cars to help get items from one place to another the night before and after
  • Arrange for a volunteer to be a 'runner' - making sure that water is available to speakers and attendees, checking in on recording equipment and getting the attention of the organizers when needed.
  • Arrange for a volunteer to buzz people in
  • Arrange for a volunteer to hand out tshirts and nametags on the first day


  • Coffee: used 10 gallons on the first day, 7 gallons on the second day, remember to have non-dairy creamer/soy milk (~100 people)
  • Provide food for those who require a gluten-free diet
  • Have a plan for water
  • Tang was awesome
  • Orange Juice in the morning was popular
  • Take counts of food consumed on the first day, and adjust second day orders to meet demand


  • Location should hold at least 120 people
  • May need event insurance
  • Get extra power cords and extension cords

Organizing Talks

  • Demonstrate putting talks up
  • Come up with a rating system to help put talks in the correctly sized rooms


  • Have table tents or something to help identify groups that are hacking together and the projects that they have


  • Create a wiki page to help people organize meetings / food before, after and during the conference
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